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When:  Wednesday, March 18th
             11 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific

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Jeff Imes
AE Team Leader 

Here’s a riddle for engineers: What’s cooler than the director’s cut of Blade Runner? More intoxicating than a swig of RedBull? And more satisfying than a bowl of peanut M&Ms? 

It’s the Arena-OrCAD integration.

On Wednesday, March 18 11 am – 12 pm PDT, join Arena’s Senior Solution Consultant Nate Brown and EMA’s AE Team Lead Jeff Imes for a webinar that examines how the OrCAD and Arena PLM integration provides benefits for organizations using both systems, enabling them to get to market faster by reducing errors, saving time, and eliminating manual entry.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to simplify part selection by providing Arena PLM data inside of the OrCAD user’s desktop

  • How to synchronize OrCAD with part status changes from Arena PLM, like “Not recommended for Designs” or “Preliminary”

  • Verifying and updating Arena ECO’d part data to OrCAD schematic parts

  • Using Arena PLM data to create “Zero-Touch” BOMs in OrCAD and importing them to Arena

Today, when engineers choose parts they must jump between systems to determine if a part is compliant, orderable, end of life, etc. Because information is spread out across various disparate systems, product errors and wasted time frequently results.

With this integration, components from the PLM system are available directly within the OrCAD Capture CIS design environment, making search, selection, and placement of parts very simple. 

Sign up today to learn more about the amazing benefits this integration offers to your product design business. 

Nate Brown
Sr. Solutions Consultant
Arena Solutions